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“You get a feeling that the startup culture is ubiquitous” – Annalena on her first month in Berlin

by KissMyAds
Annalena, about a month ago you moved over to Berlin. What is the main difference between our new Berlin office and our headquarters in Cologne? The most important difference is that our Berlin team is much smaller than our team in Cologne. Obviously, this leads to a growing need for exchange with the colleagues in our headquarters. You cannot have a small chat here and there with your colleagues when there are more than 500 kilometers between you. Daily consultations are more time-consuming, now that part of our team has moved to Berlin. On the other hand, I can say that our day seems much more structured with these fixed appointments for meetings. Furthermore, you can organize your residual daily tasks more flexibly. Sometimes we have several customer meetings with local companies during the day. How do you keep in touch with your colleagues near the Rhine? As I already outlined, we now have Skype calls with the different teams to update us on all new topics. With my colleagues from the publisher team, I have a daily call at the start of every day. However, I don’t feel like it is hard to keep up with all the other team members because of messaging tools, mail and also the good old telephone. What do people have to say about our new office in Germany’s capital? I have already had several talks with people who were very positive about our move to Berlin. Especially Berlin-based companies think it is a good idea. They like that it is possible to arrange a spontaneous appointment to come over to our office and speak about business opportunities face-to-face. One of our partners has even asked me why we don’t move to Berlin with our whole team. Nevertheless, I think we have built up great relationships with partners in and around Cologne and most of our team members come from the Rhineland, so there is a local patriotism with Cologne people that comes into play. The proximity to major trade fairs such as dmexco and gamescom is also a good argument to keep our headquarters in Cologne. Would you say that the customer contact is more intense in Berlin than it was back in Cologne? Yes, I would subscribe to that. I attend more events where you can meet all kinds of people of the mobile industry. In addition, I have already met many more new customers here in Berlin. You get a feeling that the startup culture of here is ubiquitous and that there are so many things happening in Berlin right now.
What do you like personally when you look at Berlin? Well, I like the spontaneous and versatile lifestyle of the city. You have so many opportunities to get in contact with new people or just to have a good time. You will discover a range of culinary delights here as well. In general, I think there is always something interesting going on in Berlin and every part of the city has its very own flair. And is there anything you miss about Cologne? Yes, I really miss the whole team. I miss sitting together with them after work while having a beer or playing ping pong. Apart from that, there is nothing which comes to my mind when I think about what’s missing. Maybe that’s because I’m still new to Berlin and everything is still exciting. And: I really don’t have time thinking about what is missing here. Berlin is known to be a big startup destination and a focal point of the mobile industry. Is there any special recognizing mark to identify people working in the mobile industry? No, there is not that one sign which indicates that you are working in the mobile industry. I think you often have these clichés towards Berlin and its startup sphere, but it isn’t as bad as you might think. Well, maybe I don’t have recognized the special label yet, because here are so many different people here swarming around the city. One final important question: Brandenburg Gate or Cologne Cathedral? Both cities are very special. I know that’s probably not the answer you like to hear, but I have to say that I feel comfortable in both cities. Maybe I can give you a more elaborated answer in a few months’ time, but for now, I have to call it a draw.
Annalena Bauer represents our Publisher managers in the new KissMyAds office in Berlin. The 23-year old studied media and communication management in Cologne and takes care of Publishers from all over the world.
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