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Speaking about mobile app monetization

by KissMyAds
This week our blog features a short piece from Hannes, who is serving as our Head of Brands and Agencies, attending the App Strategy Workshop from our partners of the App Developer Alliance in Hamburg. Here is what Hannes had to say about his speaking opportunity at one of their panels. Last Thursday, I had the chance to speak on the “Making Money with Apps” panel at the office of smaato in the lovely Hanseatic City of Hamburg. As you might have read, Timo and I have just come over to Berlin to serve in our new office in the nation’s capital, so I did not have to travel so far. As weird as it may sound, this was the first time that I was attending a panel as a speaker for KissMyAds. Funny, because I’ve been with KissMyAds right from the company’s founding back in 2011 and have been to many events – and when I say many, I mean lots of trade shows, workshops or even parties – before. Nevertheless, I wasn’t too nervous when I took the elevator up to the 19th floor to get to the beautiful office of smaato. The panel was all about making money with apps, and that’s what I’ve been doing for our advertisers for almost four years now. I would say I felt pretty good about my appearance on the panel. I felt even better when I got to know the other guys that were sharing the so-called spotlight with me on Thursday. With Thomas Sommer from Applift, Mohamed Ben Hiba from smaato and Sven Ossenbruggen from Xyrality the panel featured prominent speakers who are all great experts in the field of mobile marketing. The office of smaato is really cool, features a nice view of Hamburg and on Thursday it looked all but sold out when the first panel “The Changing Face of User Acquisition” started. As the name indicates, the first panel explored the question of how to get a meaningful number of users for your app and secure their engagement with your mobile product. It was very interesting to hear what the panelists had to say about the future of user acquisition and its challenges. I personally think that it is not just about getting users, but also about retaining them as a fan of your product. Well, I don’t want to bore you with my thoughts on that this time. Right after the first panel finished – and as usually at events like this, they finished a bit late – we came on stage and started our talk about monetization of apps. Anders Lykke, Head of Sales of Priori Data, who was hosting this panel, had some good questions to get us going. Sven, who works for a mobile gaming company, portrayed the apps monetization from a game developer’s point of view so the audience could get a feeling of what you have to think when it comes to making money with your app. Me and the other two guys who come from a network’s or a technical provider’s background put in some more general information on how mobile marketing has become one of the most growing fields in marketing. I think it was a good mix because the attendees included people with different levels of knowledge. The mix of panelists and their different approaches on the topic made it easy to take something from the panel, regardless of whether people were listening as rookies of app marketing or whether they were mobile marketing pros getting some new insights on app monetization. When we finished our discussion, the bar was set up to serve the all-important cold drinks and it was a very relaxed but also interesting conclusion of a memorable event from the App Developers Alliance. Great job guys! If you’re now curious to know more about making money with your apps, just get in contact with me via hannes@kissmyads.com. I’m looking forward to giving you my speech about “Making Money with Apps”!
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