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An Intern’s Life – a Student Story About KissMyAds

by KissMyAds
Our former intern Bojan Ninic wrote a short guest post about his internship at KissMyAds. Read what he learned and experienced while working here in our office in Cologne. I know, reading an intern’s story might not be very interesting in most cases. But then again, an internship at KissMyAds differs quite significantly from most cases. Before continuing with my story I have to say that no-one paid me, nor do I still have any cash in exchange for service relations running – so yes, this blog article does reflect my personal opinion and might not apply to other interns. Every student stumbles across a mandatory internship during his or her studies where he or she is required to apply personal knowledge acquired from academics in the world of business. And every student is also obliged to write a scientific paper at the end of the mentioned studies proving once and for all that he or she is able to contribute to both worlds, the academic and the business world. My thought process before applying was simple: Combining the writing of the thesis with the internship in order to have the opportunity of profiting from a business environment while fulfilling my academic duties. Before starting my internship in January of this year, I didn't really know a lot about mobile marketing, except for one thing: It will be the future, all statistics and trends point towards that. Not only had the numbers told me this. When I looked around in my circle of friends I noticed that all of them treated their mobiles differently after the first iPhone entered the market. Everyone was sort of hypnotized by a small technical device called smartphone. And for me as a natural-born marketer, the first thought which came to my mind was: This must be exploitable! So here I am, trying to set my first feet in the world of mobile marketing and trying to adapt to the environment of mobile as early as possible. Because, you know, now it's all about being faster than others. So, after undergoing the process of applying, being interviewed etc. I entered my first day in the publisher account management team of the Cologne-based mobile performance network close to Cologne’s beautiful 'Stadtgarten' park and did not at any point regret my decision. My colleagues were and still are very supportive and gave me the feeling they valued my input, even if it was just from a student. Of course the first few weeks were filled with getting to know the systems KissMyAds operates on and managing a few of the publisher accounts, despite having also some of the rather less enjoyable intern tasks – but those were on rarest occasions, and I have to admit: It just doesn't work completely without it. However, much more often it was the case that my colleagues and even bosses were every second as supportive as a student could wish for. Despite giving me countless interviews and meetings not only for the purpose of ensuring proper employee training, but also supporting me during the writing of my master thesis “Mobile Marketing – mass individualization in advertising” - most of you sharing the experience of being an intern once will agree: This is comparable to a jackpot in a student-intern’s life. No intern ever had the sole interest of having a big name or earning massive amounts in intern salary. We all wish for a company that values thoughts, opinions, critics and suggestions even if they come from the lowest segment in the employment hierarchy. Setting resources aside to actually code and develop suggestions made is even a whole lot more valuable and promotes a student’s self-esteem remarkably. So, where was I. Yes – opinion valuing! Being an intern can be pretty tough, I'm certain most of you will agree here. You are not really familiar with the business environment, except for maybe a few experiences made in the past. An internship is basically a young person’s first (or second, or third, or fourth...) attempt to set foot in the business world and having made that experience myself a few times in the past I can only recommend the following: If you are a motivated student who’s fascinated by the digital marketing world (especially the mobile part of it) – apply and see how encouraging working in an enthusiastic environment can be. And last but not least a special shoutout to: Florian, Timo, Michi, Hannes, Giuliano, Marcel, Markus, Thomas, Vivien, Susanne, Annalena, Konstantina, Bianca, Daniel, Marc – working together with you has been a real pleasure!
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