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With 2014 in the Rearview Mirror, We Are Curious What 2015 Has in Store for Us

by KissMyAds
Time flies, and KissMyAds enters its fifth year in 2015. I’d like to take a look back on last year’s achievements and milestones before we have a short outlook in the next days here in the KissMyAds blog. One thing we noticed in 2014: We are no longer a startup. Okay, even though we occasionally still enjoy one or two beers after work, we have grown rapidly. However, let me start where we should, which is at the beginning of the year. As always, we attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and met lots of inspiring people who motivated us to go on with the “KissMyAds way”. This annual meeting of the mobile industry always gives me chills and I enjoy the whole atmosphere in Spain. I also attended the Phoenix Forum and ad:tech in San Francisco in the first quarter of the year. On a side note: San Francisco is definitely always worth a visit as it is one of my favorite cities in the world. Later on in May, I was invited to speak at the Online-Karrieretag (online career day) here in our hometown Cologne. This day was all about finding and developing new talents for digital startups. I have a clear view on what they should bring to the table. To me it is simply passion. Here are some other things that I put in a blog post after the event. Nevertheless passion is the most important thing you should have if you want to work in a startup. That’s what all of our team members have in common. The expertise will come on the job, as we enjoy developing talent from graduates to business professionals. In the middle of the year I noticed that I was lining up working processes rather than doing what I do best: Trying new ideas and developing innovations. I quickly decided that I needed to take a step back as the organizational head of KissMyAds because I still wanted to be in my own “innovation lab”. We were very lucky to find a skilled manager in Marc who had previously gathered meaningful experiences in the mobile industry. Marc and I are a natural fit. As he has previously worked in many different management positions, he knows business organization as well as I know sequences of zeros and ones. We quickly agreed that he would serve as the CEO, whereas I would get the well-sounding new title of Founder & President. Sounds very important doesn’t it? Now, I am back to my strong field of driving innovation at KissMyAds. While Marc jumped on board, we were already in the midst of dmexco preparation. As the world’s leading marketing trade fair, the dmexco in Cologne is THE key trade show for KissMyAds. We really enjoy exhibiting and welcoming our international partners here in our beautiful hometown of Cologne. At dmexco, we also announced our new and intensified long-term partnership with HasOffers by TUNE. These guys from Seattle are doing great things in this industry and we were lucky to show them the beautiful spots of Cologne during their short visit. We even took them to a football – or should I write soccer – match in order to give them a small impression on how good the Germans are at this sport. You all know who won the World Cup, right? After dmexco we went straight back to business and decided to expand our business into the North American market. As you might have seen, we recently announced our new office in New York City. I can’t wait to meet our new man Dennis over there in the Big Apple. We also joined an initiative of the well-known Deutsche Sporthilfe, but also had one sad day as Vivi, who worked here as a student and later on a full-time basis, revealed that she would leave KissMyAds and go back to her hometown of Berlin. As my blog post ends, I realize that I could write about many more topics from this last year, because there were so many exciting events in 2014. But I am sure there will be more things to come in 2015 and we will keep you updated throughout the year using our KissMyAds blog.
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